Breaking Points: 5/2/22 FULL UNCUT SHOW

Krystal and Saagar talk about Ukraine war escalation, White House Correspondents’ Dinner cringe, stock market and economic outlook, Elon vs medical establishment, CNN’s brief moment of reflection, Amazon union vote, Biden’s new ‘disinformation’ board, student debt cancellation, and an in depth exploration of the economy with Prof. Richard Wolff!


Richard Wolff:

Timestamps: Ukraine: 0:0020:56 WHCD: 20:5732:35 Economy: 32:3646:46 Elon: 46:4757:44 CNN: 57:451:05:17 Miniblock: 1:05:181:07:25 Saagar: 1:07:261:15:42 Krystal: 1:15:431:28:01 Richard Wolff: 1:28:021:40:39

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