Breaking Points: 4/29/22 WEEKLY ROUNDUP

Krystal and Saagar talk about Elon buying Twitter and the chaos that ensued, Ukraine war strategy, French elections, worker rallies, CNN+, student debt, economic statistics, Saudis, & More!


David Dayen:…

Ukraine: 0:0011:26 France: 11:2723:00 Musk: 23:0136:56 Workers: 36:5751:34 CNN+: 51:351:02:51 Stelter: 1:02:521:14:59 MBS: 1:15:001:24:06 Elon: 1:24:071:41:07 Student Debt: 1:41:082:00:03 Economy: 2:00:042:13:21

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