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  1. Public school were an attempt to assimilate the mass Ellis Island wave of immigration. It worked surprisingly well.

    But the model can only do so much. You can easily assimilate English Methodists, German Lutherans, and Spanish Catholics into one community via a pubic school that teaches “Generic Protestant-ish social Christianity.”

    It is not a model that can assimilate all cultures and all peoples from all around the earth.

    And, of course, they were made to educate – and babysit – the children of factory workers. That culture no longer exists.

    Now, public schools are a make-work job for middle class white Democrat women and LGBT’s who want to groom children.

    Best to simply shut all public schools down. Some fundamentalist Bible Academy can educate children better than Pfizer’s LGBT coordinator.

    Even far-left lesbian Camilla Paglia admits that.

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