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Inflation Is No Accident

By Christopher Caldwell, Compact

President Biden is hanging on to Vladimir Putin for dear life. Earlier this month, he estimated that Vlad the Invader was responsible for 70 percent of the latest wave of inflation to roll over the United States. Back in December, the administration blamed “the greed of meat conglomerates” for Americans’ waning purchasing power. In November, it was the “anti-consumer behavior” of two oil companies. Annual inflation is 8.5 percent now, the highest rate since 1981, when Ronald Reagan replaced Jimmy Carter. Annual wage growth is 5.6 percent. The average American is losing ground.

Allegations of Russian culpability are unconvincing. Inflation was already 8 percent when Biden announced he would ban the import of Russian oil and gas. Yes, gas prices have risen to an average of $4.17 a gallon, a 15 percent hike since February’s invasion. But they were already at $3.62 when the tanks started rolling—up 47 percent from the $2.46 Americans were paying when Biden assumed the presidency. Certainly, America isn’t the only country affected by the Ukrainian unpleasantness. There has been a flambée of inflation in France and an Anstieg in Germany, the latter dependent on Russia for a third of its oil and half its gas—yet inflation is higher here than there.


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  1. uummm, I wonder why? It just can’t be that the Democrats ‘r ‘involved’ w/ advancing the Elites NWO plans? Oh, of course not,,, no one believes their gibberish- or do they? ,I won’t die laughing ‘cause we all know what’s going on,,,

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