Senator Rubio is Bad for Florida

The main reason to un-elect Marco Rubio isn’t even mentioned in this article. Rubio is a neocon puppet, a one time favorite of Bill Kristol, who now wants to use the neocon-front movement known as “national conservatism” as a vehicle for gaining the presidency. In power, he would be another George W. Bush oriented toward regime change wars in many places.

By William P. Meyers, III Publishing

This year Marco Rubio is running as the incumbent for his seat representing Florida in the United States Senate. While it would be difficult to call Rubio the worst U.S. Senator, given the competition, the people of Florida and the United States would be better off if he is defeated. Senator Rubio’s record shows him to be an enemy of our Republic, our American lands, and the general prosperity of our citizens.

Senator Rubio does not like African-Americans, and in particular does not like African American women. He voted against confirming Ketanji Brown Jackson for the United States Supreme Court. As a third rate lawyer (University of Miami School of Law), working for law and lobbying firm Broad and Casset while in the Florida State Legislature (despite laws against that kind of corruption), he believes his own views should prevail, not the views established by precedence. Ketanji Brown Jackson grew up in Florida, in Miami, under the rule of Rubio. She was smart enough and hard working enough to get into Harvard University and then Harvard Law School. Little Marco is probably just jealous. He doubtless feels emasculated that a black woman could be considerably better at something than he has shown himself to be.

Marco Rubio is a climate-change denialist, endangering all the citizens of Florida, and the value of all Florida real estate. Miami neighborhoods are already having problems with the sea-level rising. Hurricanes seem to be getting worse. Most of Florida is less than 20 feet above see level. Except near the beaches it is a place few people can stand to live without air conditioning. But Marco the lawyer-lobbyist-politico thinks he is smarter than the world’s scientists. Re-electing Rubio will mean no action on global warming and other environmental issues. Given that most Floridians, or their ancestors, moved to Florida specifically for its environment, you would think they would want a Senator that works to protect that environment.


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