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Twitter BLOCKS Elon Musk’s $43B Buyout w/ “Poison Pill”

Established social media giants are never removed by competition. They are only ever replaced by a different type of social media. Network effects make up such a large part of the utility of a social media platform that no new platform can ever hope to compete. Even established giants struggle to break into the niches of social media.

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  1. There must be a way to beat these people! I know they have all the wealth with them -‘n all the wickedness,, It’s clear they – (AMERICA MUST BE SAVED -or we will all die!)can’t tolerate America ‘n what our Constitution means ,, these people can be beaten -there must be a way,,, Hungary chased Soros out- why can’t we ? Between Soros ‘n Mrs Clinton there must be a crack somewhere,, the evil of the people that follow them along w/ their wealth is tough – but we have God on our side ‘n God chased Satan out – w/ His help we will find a way,,we must -or they will destroy the world ‘n everything we love,,,

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