Krystal Kyle & Friends | Nina Turner

This episode of Krystal Kyle & Friends has it all: a full, exclusive interview with the incomparable Senator Nina Turner; direct updates about the state of her run for Congress in Ohio’s Eleventh District; a road trip; and our discussion of the breaking news surrounding her endorsements… and the Congressional Progressive Caucus’s endorsement of her corporatist opponent. Yes, you read that right! We get into all of this and more on Episode 69 of KK&F.

After inspiring millions through her work as a campaign chair for Bernie 2020, Nina Turner has gone on to fight for the democratic-socialist vision of single-payer healthcare, student debt cancellation, and housing as a human right through two campaigns for a congressional seat in Ohio’s Eleventh District. Up against massive corporate donations funneled to her centrist opponent, Turner lost the first election, but she’s running again — and we talk about why this election is different.

New district lines with a more left-leaning electorate mean that Nina’s progressive message is sure to resonate with her potential constituents. And in this exclusive interview, Nina speaks to how her platform addresses voters’ increasing financial struggles under the long burden of the pandemic. As the rich continue to get richer and workers fail to reap the rewards of their labor, everyday people are feeling an economic squeeze — but unlike her corporate-backed opponent, Nina Turner has made it her mission to take on that challenge and fight for working-class prosperity in the halls of Congress.

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