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“The old playbook of union-busting is backfiring”

This week, author and organizer Daisy Pitkin joins KK&F to break down the Amazon Labor Union’s thrilling win — but also to give us a sense of what comes next and what this victory means for workers attempting to keep up the momentum of unionization at Amazon, Starbucks, and other mega-corporations. Daisy herself has spent decades in the union fight, organizing with laundry and garment workers both in and outside of the United States. She brings essential insight to this discussion of a massive step forward for the labor movement, how we make sense of it, and how we can support it moving forward.

The workers who organized to unionize the Staten Island Amazon warehouse were up against incredible odds: $4.3 million dollars that the corporation spent to mislead and discourage workers from unionizing, for example. In our conversation, though, Daisy explains why the old union-busting playbook didn’t work for Amazon at Staten Island, and why it’s not working at Starbucks locations around the country. She makes the case that these corporations don’t understand the momentum of organizing taking place at these sites, where workers are pulling together to win better working conditions and take home more profit from their own labor.


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