Guttenberg, Atos and Modern Blitzkrieg Warfare

By Josué Michels The Trumpet

Warfare is becoming increasingly complex and dangerous. Few understand the ramifications.

Germany’s former foreign minister Heiko Maas warned in 2021 of developments in artificial intelligence (AI) that have led to a new kind of arms race. Beyond AI, technological supremacy in general will prove to be the deciding factor in future wars. Technological advances are becoming increasingly more important than the number of soldiers, tanks or fighter jets a country has. To digitize its armed forces, Germany is using the French company Atos, a global leader in information technology. This company has an interesting connection to a man the Trumpet watches closely.

Germany’s former defense minister and founder of the consultant firm Spitzberg Partners, Karl-Theodor zu Guttenberg, is keenly interested in AI and other technologies or technology enablers. For the last two years, he has attended Atos’s Summit Talks in Austria. This year the event took place on March 31.

Companies like Atos seek to advance the possibilities of modern technology while others fear potential dangers.

In 2019, the German military entered cooperation with France’s Atos Information Technology and Israel’s Rafael Advanced Defense Systems to create a so-called glass battlefield. The real-time 3-D picture of the battlefield allows unmanned aerial systems and combat vehicles to operate more efficiently and in greater unity.


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