Biden Calls Fox News ‘One Of The Most Destructive Forces In America’

He’s not wrong though, but he should have expanded it. Rupert Murdoch has a massive influence on American, British and Australian media and political discourse. He owns about 70% of Australian print media and a significant amount of television media as well. by definition that is not good for democracy. One man, family, or company should not have a media empire that straddles three countries, especially when it’s so blatantly partisan in the exact same way in all three countries. It’s also important to remember that Murdoch actually doesn’t have an ideology, he just uses whatever is necessary to make money, in Australia his rags and the channels consistently go after our public broadcaster, people think it’s because there are ideological differences, there aren’t in reality, his actual issue is that our public broadcaster has a guaranteed market share that his companies can’t move into, so instead he tries to claim it’s an ideological culture war so he can convince governments to trim the public broadcaster so he can move into new territory. It’s entirely about business, the so-called ideological politics is just a front to justify the means to an end.

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