American Decline

How I Believe This All Ends

By Peter R. Quiñones

Recently, a few people have asked what I believe the end game is for everything that’s happening now. Inflation, warmongering, educators grooming kindergartners – an endless stream of insanity that points to everything coming to a head. Soon. Some are predicting nuclear war. Is it a possibility? Of course. Do I think it’ll happen? Most likely no. I don’t believe the elites are that self-destructive. But, as someone will inevitably say, the elites have underground bunkers. Knowing what you know about them, do you really think they want to use them?

I was also asked if I thought the fall of the American empire will mirror that of the Assyrian empire. The collapse of the Assyrian empire was a true collapse. They disappeared. I don’t know that I can see that happening to a current or one-time superpower in the industrial age. Even Russia continued to exist after the “communist conversation” ceased.

What about monetary collapse? When I look at how the powers that be always pull the currency back from the brink, I agree with Curtis Yarvin that they can string the money supply along for quite a while. Prices will increase but it appears they have a handle on just how far prices can go up before the people break out the Hoppe’s No. 9. But, if it gets bad, people may begin to congregate and talk. And that normally does not bode well for those in power.

What about the rampant degeneracy? Unfortunately, it will continue to increase until parents demand it be halted. The Weimar Republic was fraught with female and male prostitutes, homosexuality and all types of venereal disease. All types of deviances were normalized. After the 1929 market crash, and life became difficult, it became very clear where the German people were going to turn to save them.


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