Watch Nigel Farage Destroy the Entire Ukraine Narrative in Under 3 Minutes — 8 Years Ago

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In 1990, as the collapse of the Soviet Union unfolded, NATO along with the United States made agreements and promises to Russia, not to expand their territory.

“We understand that not only for the Soviet Union but for other European countries as well it is important to have guarantees,” then-US Secretary of State James Baker told Mikhail Gorbachev in 1990. “If the United States keeps its presence in Germany within the framework of NATO, not an inch of NATO’s present military jurisdiction will spread in an eastern direction.”

Following that promise, the United States and NATO proceeded to do the exact opposite. Those who have been paying attention, have seen this crisis in Ukraine unfolding for well over two decades.

Nigel Farage, a former MEP of the British Parliament, tried to point this out in 2014. In the video below, he decried the expansion of NATO and the EU toward the border of Russia and predicted that it would provoke “the Russian bear.”

He was right.

After increasing provocation, on February 24, 2022, it came to a head as Russia’s dictator, Vladimir Putin invaded Ukraine. When Farage made the statements below, he was ridiculed in Western media as being a “pro-Russian” mouthpiece. However, had the West and NATO listened to his words, Ukrainians would not be under siege by a murderous tyrant.


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