Political Correctness/Totalitarian Humanism

How Zealots Rise To The Top

By William

The main reason you can be assured global warming of doom, a.k.a. climate change, is yet another slow-burn moral panic is that scientists in charge of its theory can never, in public, imagine any good coming out of slightly warmer temperatures.

The few scientists who urge a calm approach to changing weather, or wonder, in public, what’s wrong with a few more pleasant summer afternoons each year, are screeched at, cursed, vilified, and even looked askance upon. Their grants are not funded, their papers cannot find homes in high “impact” journals, they can’t find students.

Impact, incidentally, is what happens when a sack of theories hits Reality. But let that pass.

Public hersteria exists even though all but the zealots, of which there are only a few, will admit, in private, that maybe the weather won’t be so bad. These scientists love their models, sure, for all the many reasons we’ve covered time and again over the years. But—and again this is true for the majority of scientists—the know their models are only models, which they, in private, do not take overly seriously.

In public, though, they do. They have to because every other scientist is seen to be taking the whole thing seriously. Few relish the idea of bucking the Consensus, and being taken to be skeptics. They’ve seen what happens to naysayers and they don’t want it to happen to them.

Problem with all this is that the biggest pains in the asses, the zealots, are the ones who advance to top positions. Not because their theories match Reality better than the other guys’. But because they are the most devoted, and are seen as being the most devoted. Yes, they must have some skill in their field. They have to be able to solve a PDE numerically and must know what vorticity is.

Until such a time when the panic reaches manic proportions. Then ardency counts more than ability.


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