Economics/Class Relations

STUDY: $500 Per Month Life Changing For The Homeless

UBI is a neccessity and that will (if not now, during a pandemic damned) become apparent as soon as AI (No, there will not be Skynet – unless a programmer wants an AI to act like that!) starts taking over low wage jobs (a robotic arm can flip burgers, an electronic assisstant can take calls and make appointments, a car/lory/bus/train can move without a driver (yes, it is not easy making that work, but it will happen and then all those people will be out of job!) etc. etc.)…either you give people money or you’ll have civil unrest/an uprising! Not to mention it is simply fair! How else will regular people even be half way equal to rich people who can either not work at all if they don’t want to, or indulge in doing work that brings them pleasure, but isn’t all that financially rewarding! Not to mention that a UBI makes it nearly impossible to pay poverty wages and salaries!

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