Breaking Points: 2/3/22 Full UNCUT Show

Krystal and Saagar cover the placement of troops on Ukraine’s border, Jeff Zucker’s resignation as the boss of CNN, corporate profiteering off inflation, Jeff Bezos’s destructive superyacht, Whoopi Goldberg’s comments on the holocaust, billionaires selling suicide hotline data, America’s silent obesity crisis, and the left & right case against college for all. Merch:
National Suicide Hotline: 1-800-273-8255
Timestamps: Ukraine Crisis: 0:0015:21 Jeff Zucker: 15:2230:10 Inflation: 30:1141:10 Bezos: 41:1151:42 Whoopi: 51:431:03:16 Krystal: 1:03:171:16:12 Saagar: 1:16:131:28:05 Oren Cass & Freddie Deboer: 1:28:061:56:03

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