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The Dangerous World of Anti-Vax Vegans

Most vegans are fully vaxxed, but there’s a loud and influential group of anti-vaxxers within the movement.

When Glynn Steel, 54, lay dying from severe COVID in a Worcestershire, UK, hospital, he begged nurses for the vaccine. His last words to his wife Emma were: “I have never felt so ill; I wish I’d had the vaccine.”

But it was too late. After nearly a month in ICU and being induced into a coma, he died in November.

“It was heart-wrenching,” Emma told the Daily Mail.

Steel, a vegan, had originally decided against getting vaccinated because the vaccines, like most medications, were tested on animals. His case exposes the worrisome, and at times fatal, consequences of anti-vax thinking playing out among a small but influential group of vegans on the internet who are exploiting the reasons many people go vegan to guilt others out of getting vaccinated. 


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  1. Vice, and it’s parent company Disney, loves big pharma. “News” is and has been native advertising for generations.

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