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Living Rent-Free Next to Millionaires

This reminds me of an anarchist tendency known as “anarcho-waterism.” Yeah, there really is such a thing.

For decades, the “anchor-outs” have enjoyed living in rent-free boat homes in the Bay Area. Their boats, anchored just north of the Golden Gate Bridge, float illegally in the sightline of one of the country’s wealthiest zip codes. But now, as enforcement ramps up, their way of life could be coming to an end.

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  1. Living near rich people is a super good survival strategy! ALL of my own families income comes from sifting through other people’s unwanteds, buying and reselling them.

    For sure, I could have a comfortable life if I have access to 1 or 2 millionaire’s leftovers!

    No jealously, no cries of inequity, just give me dibs to buy/have their trash, and I will use arbitration to live high on the hog.

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