As Immigration Plummeted, Conservatives Falsely Accused Biden of Fueling a Crisis

By James Risen, The Intercept

Rarely has such a long-running and widely accepted political and media narrative been so at odds with reality.

Throughout 2021, Republican politicians and conservative pundits hammered the Biden administration over what they claimed was a crisis of uncontrolled immigration.

Images of migrants seeking to cross the border from Mexico in the early months of the new administration, which played in a seemingly endless loop on cable news, led to growing acceptance on the right of the “great replacement” conspiracy theory, claiming that President Joe Biden was throwing open the nation’s borders to nonwhite immigrants who would steal white Americans’ jobs — and vote for Democrats. The Anti-Defamation League called for Fox News to fire pundit Tucker Carlson last year because he espoused the “great replacement” theory so aggressively and so often, but the racist trope has now become normalized within the Republican Party.

Even the mainstream press bought into the idea that there was a massive surge in illegal immigration and that Biden was mishandling the issue.


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