Video shows adult male migrants released for transport across US: report

By and New York Post

Dozens of single, mostly male adult migrants were shuttled from a makeshift processing center in Texas to a local airport for flights to various US cities — marking the first time such a transfer has been captured on video amid the ongoing border crisis, according to a report Tuesday.

The scene began unfolding Sunday outside a parking garage in Brownsville, where a makeshift processing center was set up in a vacant office, Fox News said.

A video recording shows a line of men and women being escorted into the office, after which some of them left and got into taxi cabs that arrived to pick them up.

Fox News said it followed the cabs to Valley International Airport in Harlingen, about 30 minutes away, where some of the migrants reportedly said they’d been smuggled across the border with Mexico after paying a criminal cartel $2,000 each.

The migrants said they were headed to Atlanta, Houston and Miami, Fox News said.


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