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Brazen Drug Dealing & Fentanyl Use Witnessed At Official But Illegal San Francisco Homeless “Linkage Center”

I don’t generally agree with Michael Shellenberger on these issues (although he is interesting in his advocacy of nuclear power), but his ongoing reporting on the conflict between bourgie-normie liberal-yuppie-gentrifiers and the woke Left in the Bay Area is unintentionally hilarious. His writing reminds me of the 1970s when right-wing moralists would go to gay festivals in the Bay Area, take pictures, and send them out in Christian newsletters saying, “Look at what these F******s are doing!”

By Michael Shellenberger and Jenny Shao

Two undercover reporters witnessed a drug deal and open drug use being supervised by San Francisco city contractors.

Last month, San Francisco Mayor London Breed announced a sweeping plan to crack down on open-air drug dealing. Shortly after she announced that she would open a “Linkage Center” to connect homeless addicts to rehab.

But now, two investigative reporters, Jenny Shao and another reporter who prefers to remain anonymous, witnessed and video-recorded drug dealing, in addition to drug use, at the Linkage Center. And they caught on video at least three official Linkage Center contractors overseeing drug use at the site.

The two men sitting in the lower left are seen on video smoking fentanyl while the man standing is smoking meth.

Drug Deal Goes Down

The man in a red hat [left] who had just sold drugs to a man can be seen inspecting the currency as San Francisco Linkage Center officials Gary McCoy and Paul Harkin, of Glide Memorial, confer.

The anonymous reporter watched a Latino man in a red knit hat give drugs to a white man in his twenties and receive money in return. The white man can be seen walking with fentanyl-stained foil and then smoking the fentanyl with a twenty-something African American man in a tie-dye shirt.

It is possible that the contractors, who included Gary McCoy, the Director of Public Policy and Public Affairs at health care provider HealthRite360, and Paul Harkin, the Director of Harm Reduction Services at Glide Memorial, did not see the drug deal occur.

But the deal occurred within minutes of the two reporters sitting down in the drug use area where, they said, a majority of the people used drugs during the more than 30 minutes the reporters were present.

And, in the video Shao recorded, Harkin and McCoy can be seen looking in the direction of the Latino man with the red knit hat as the man studies a bill of unknown denomination in a manner similar to that of a merchant checking to see if a bill is counterfeit. The man then walks by Harkin and McCoy.


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