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Equality’s Third Wave

However much some folks may be inclined to make fun of this, I suspect it is the key to ending Wokeism. Just let everyone identify as whatever they want to identify as.

By Zbigniew Janowski Chronicles

Equality is undergoing a new renaissance in which all identities are fluid and all remaining natural distinctions are to be rejected as social constructs.

Equality is a fussy concept. Outside the realm of the legal system, which demands that law be applied the same way regardless of sex, race, or religion, the area of equality’s application has always been controversial. Essential questions remain unanswered: In what circumstances should we limit inequality? Can or should it be abolished?
In the past, equality’s enemy was monarchic-ecclesiastical order and privilege, against which Thomas Jefferson and John Stuart Mill waged war. To Marx and Engels, the enemy was capitalism and private ownership of the means of production. These two enemies of equality have been dead for a long time. We live in a world devoid of privileges, monarchic-ecclesiastical order has been replaced by democracy, while business regulations and the taxation system make the yearning for unbridled capitalism a matter of individual fantasy.
Yet equality is undergoing a new renaissance, demanding that all the remaining distinctions be considered as belonging to the unjust ancien régime. Everything, including sex and race, that until about 30 or 40 years ago was considered natural is said to be a “social construct.” Today’s world, we are told, is “fluid,” and, therefore, requires new legal and social arrangements.
Transgenderism, according to which being a man or a woman is nothing other than a dress for one’s psyche, is equality’s ultimate fantasy. It is an attempt to conquer nature by modern science and democratic means. In this new egalitarian order, the old “hard” totalitarian regimes are replaced by “soft” regimes that achieve their aims not primarily with police-state tactics but with coercive propaganda that generates fear of expulsion from the consensus of the majority.
But the new regime is not always as soft as it may seem.The 2017 Canadian gender identity Bill C-16, mandating the use of new pronouns, or the United Kingdom’s 2006 “Racial and Religious Hatred Act,” tells you everything you need to know—penalties and sometimes even imprisonment for not aligning your psyche to egalitarian reality are real. We can expect more and more similar regulations soon. The intention of such regulations is to transform each minority’s whim into sociopolitical fact.

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