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The LARPs That the LARPers Are Making Into a Reality

The two sides in the Red/Blue conflict make greatly exaggerated claims about each other. For instance, I don’t see Trump as a “fascist” or even a “conservative.” I see him more as a Nixon-like figure, an instinctive Rockefeller Republican who uses populism to appeal to the conventional working to middle class. If anything, he has made the GOP “more liberal” by making non-interventionist and trade protectionist rhetoric more acceptable among Republicans, improving the performance of the Republicans among every minority group in the last election, and deprioritizing social conservatism simply by being a thrice-married, casino magnate and playboy who is married to an ex-Playboy model and parties with porn stars.
I see Biden as somewhere between Gerald Ford and Jimmy Carter, a standard tool of the banking establishment, with Kissingerian influences. And the “most liberal” people in Congress are not different from the Ted Kennedy liberals of yesteryear. Even the most liberal Democrats are just recycled FDR populists and/or McGovernites. I am also very opposed to “woke” (as it is now called). I’ve given talks and written many articles about it. I even wrote a book about it. But I see woke as being more like the religious right or social conservatives of past times, only instead worrying about everything being too sexually suggestive, promoting drug use, or occultism, the wokesters think everything is racist, sexist, homophobic, etc. It’s true there are outright totalitarians on the fringes of woke, comparable to Maoists during the Cultural Revolution, just like there were outright theocrats on the fringes of the religious right who wanted a Saudi-like theocracy but neither have ever been the mainstream of either side. I’m also opposed to actual fascism, but even the most right-wing people in Congress are recycled Goldwater-Reagan conservatives (like Mitt Romney) or John Birch Society-like right-wing populists (Marjorie Taylor Greene, for example) with the neocons and their allies (e.g. Marco Rubio, Liz Cheney, or Tom Cotton among the GOP or the Kagans and Samantha Power among the Democrats) continuing to be the most dangerous mainstream political faction. To the degree that the AOC/Omar liberals and Greene/Boebert conservatives have the effect of undermining the neocons, they are performing a useful function.

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