Anarchy, Panarchy, and Statism

By John Zube


Anarchy and Panarchy are not two opposite forms of social organization. In fact Panarchy is mainly a method of solving problems of social organization and through that method anarchy (as well as statism, or communism, or any other conceivable social model) can be implemented and practiced by those who share that idea.

John Zube makes all this very clear and in so doing overcomes any sensible objection that people might have against voluntary anarchism or voluntary non-territorial statism.



The various forms of socialism and capitalism are only various forms of secular religions and their followers and organizations do not deserve any more privileges than any church or sect does. But they are also entitled to no less rights and liberties than any church or sect has in a relatively free society, or any atheistic, humanistic and rationalistic association.One can consider “denationalization” and “reprivatization” in a narrow sense, as referring only to the transfer of particular State enterprises into private or cooperative hands or one can understand them in a general sense, which would amount to privatizing and cooperatizing and voluntarizing ALL of the governmental political, economic and social system.

As an individualist anarchist, free-market libertarian, voluntaryist, mutualist and panarchist, I favor not only denationalization and privatization of some but of all government enterprises and departments.

Such a comprehensive denationalization would offer all kinds of voluntaristic avenues for all kinds of anarchistic, socialistic and liberal schemes and experiments, all coexisting peacefully in the same territories, supported and used only by their supporters, with their failures to be born only by them and their benefits to be shared only among them.

Such a system would, so to speak, universalize the principle of conscientious objection against military servitude, tax slavery, compulsory education, medication or prohibition.

It would realize freedom for dissenters and non-conformists, not only in the religious but also in the political, social and economic spheres.

It is not true that our “nation” is endangered but that the very existence of our “nation”, in exclusive, territorial and coercive form, endangers US and OTHERS.

What is quite voluntary, i.e. without any victimization, does rarely make enemies and it can be defended much easier and with much more justification and less costs and risk.

Panarchists plead for freedom for statists – as well as for all others – to do their own thing.

Only narrow-minded anarchists would insist that all other people make the same choice which these anarchists prefer.

By rights, anarchists can demand no more than anarchism for anarchists – within a general voluntaryist system that would leave statists to their own choices on their own affairs.


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