History and Historiography

Martin Luther King, Jr.: Fifty Years On


Kenneth D. Johnson

Martin Luther King, Jr., and Ethical Leadership
Rufus Burrow, Jr.

Economic Democracy, Martin Luther King, Jr., and the Black Church Tradition
David D. Daniels III

The Radical King: Democratic Socialism, Personal Idealism, Anti-Militarism, and Black Power
Gary Dorrien

A Friendship in the Prophetic Tradition: Abraham Joshua Heschel and Martin Luther King, Jr.
Susannah Heschel

The Shaping and Influence of King’s Political Theology and Worldview
Jamal-Dominique Hopkins

“Is there something wrong with that?”: The Transculturation of Martin Luther King, Jr., Schools in Germany
Harriett Jernigan

“A Moral Astigmatism”: King on Hope and Illusion
Vincent Lloyd

Fellowship of Love: Martin Luther King’s Legacy and the Renewal of the Labor Tradition
Adrian Pabst

“Peculiar Relations of Affectability”: Peirce and Royce as Resources for the Philosophy of Martin Luther King, Jr.
Marcia Pally

On King, Resistance, Faith, and Despair
Kenneth A. Taylor

Looking Back at Martin Luther King, Jr.: An Interview with David J. Garrow

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