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The Trans Movement Is Not About Rights Anymore

By Andrew Sullivan

It’s about a cultural revolution and the abolition of biological sex.

An unusual thing happened in the conversation about transgender identity in America this week. The New York Times conceded that there is, indeed, a debate among medical professionals, transgender people, gays and lesbians and others about medical intervention for pre-pubescent minors who have gender dysphoria. The story pulled some factual punches, but any mildly-fair airing of this debate in the US MSM is a breakthrough of a kind.

Here’s the truth that the NYT was finally forced to acknowledge: “Clinicians are divided” over the role of mental health counseling before making irreversible changes to a child’s body. Among those who are urging more counseling and caution for kids are ground-breaking transgender surgeons. This very public divide was first aired by Abigail Shrier a few months ago on Bari’s Substack, of course, where a trans pioneer in sex-change surgery opined: “It is my considered opinion that due to some of the … I’ll call it just ‘sloppy,’ sloppy healthcare work, that we’re going to have more young adults who will regret having gone through this process.” Oof.

The NYT piece also concedes another key fact: that puberty blockers are neither harmless nor totally reversible. Money quote:


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  1. Nah, I am way less afrai about the abolition of sexes than I am about conservative weirdos trying to make me get married. (That part of that interview with Harris was stupid and Sullivan made a horrible case to vote on war criminal Clinton.)

  2. I don’t know think it ever was. I don’t even think homosexuality is real. This is an invented cstefory. These are various kinds of fags, perverts and LARPers. I don’t particularly give a damn about it, but I think treating it like it’s a scientific category, rather than a psychological predilection, is bizarre.

    This reminds me of how fags can’t decide if being queer is genetic or not. I would say some people do it for attention, or because they’re sexual deviants with a fetish. Some of them have developmental abnormalities that alter thru brain structures, and in that case there is some epigenetic, biological basis. But fags can’t decide which they want it to be: if it’s hereditary then it’s not something they have control over, they were ‘born this way’. Yet if it is genetic or epigenetic that implies that it can be prevented by medical intervention or sperm selection, which (when it becomes technically feasible) will lead to the deliberate elimination of gays by most parents, excepting Woke white people, because most people don’t want gay children and most men dislike fags.

    On the other hand if it’s not genetic or biological that implies that it’s some kind of choice and that gay conversion therapy is possibly effective, and they can be held accountable by those who disapprove of their sexual deviance. Either way, really, the gay agenda is fucked and can’t win. If it proves to be primarily a biological issue I have no doubt that many parts of the world will start deliberately preventing it, just as they already do with screening out retards. If it’s proven to be a matter of learned inclination you’ll see non Woke communities suppressing it, just as they enforce other forms of social conformity.

    Everything I just said applies just as much to trannies.

    • “or because they’re sexual deviants with a fetish.” What is wrong with being a sexual deviant with a fetish? They caused way less harm to the place I live than god damn sports fanatics. (If you want to be angry at someone, it should be the later.)

      • I don’t really care about what sort of degenerate nonsense people get up to, especially if I can keep them out of my fashy anarchist city state. I am not a social conservative.
        However, as the commie sociobiologist Robert Lindsay has pointed out men don’t like effeminate men and homosexuals. And most parents don’t want gay kids, except for liberal cultists. There are also the people who think it’s evil, and they’re not likely to go away.
        From a biological point of view there are obvious problems with disease vector non breeders. Though there’s probably some place for fags as priests, thus the Catholic Church and all the queers in media and academia.
        Generally speaking I am fine with private discrimination and ostracism, which means that without the nanny state gays will be going back in the closet in many places

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