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Watchdog to Audit Military’s Screening for Extremists at Enlistment

By Konstantin Toropin Military.Com

The Department of Defense inspector general has begun an audit of how the military is doing at screening out extremists during enlistment, the latest move in a new push to root out the activity, according to a publicly released memo.

The watchdog audit comes only weeks after the Pentagon unveiled its latest report on extremism in the ranks. That report created new guidelines on activities banned for service members by adding more detail and clarity on what constitutes extremist activity, as well as active participation.

Military extremism was pushed to the forefront last year when some troops and veterans participated in the Jan. 6 riot at the U.S. Capitol. A mob clashed with police before breaking through doors and windows and stalking lawmakers in an attempt to stop the official vote count in the 2020 election after former President Donald Trump lost.


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