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January 12, 2022
Leave Cuba, and Leave Cuba Alone
On the 20-year anniversary of the Pentagon’s and CIA’s torture and prison center and their military-tribunal judicial system at their imperial base in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, some critics are asking the obvious question: Why doesn’t President Biden simply order the closure of this horrific travesty and be done with it? Unfortunately, however, the critics don’t want to acknowledge and confront the discomforting answer: …
Inflation Nation
by Scott McPherson
The Future of Freedom Foundation
Why Deficits Matter
by Alexander William Salter
Closing the Door on NATO Expansion Is Imperative
by Daniel Larison
Those in Power Kept Us in the Dark about an Endless US Bombardment — but Now We Finally Have the Data
by Medea Benjamin and
Nicolas J. S. Davies
Where Does NATO Enlargement End?
by Patrick Buchanan
Neocon’s Take on War on Terror
by Jacob Hornberger,
Andrew Bacevich, et. al.
Indus News
Guantanamo 20 Years On: A Legacy of “Injustice” and “Abuse”
by Ali Harb
I’ve Been Held at Guantánamo for 20 years Without Trial. Mr Biden, Please Set Me Free
by Khalid Qasim
US Sanctions Are Causing a Humanitarian Disaster in Afghanistan
by Mathias Gjesdal Hammer
Responsible Statecraft
The Power to Protect Is the Power to Control
by Mike Maharrey
Tenth Amendment Center


The Pilgrims Tried Socialism and It Failed
by Richard M. Ebeling
With the Thanksgiving holiday in the rear view mirror, we can get past the carving of a turkey; the stuffing and sweet potatoes; and …
Despotism Is the New Normal
by John W. Whitehead
Looking at the present, I see a more probable future: a new despotism creeping slowly across America. Faceless oligarchs sit at …
Winning Freedom Requires Some Radical Solutions
by Richard M. Ebeling
Suppose that there was a button in front of you that if you pushed, it would, in one instant, abolish all the governmental controls …
Dear Conservatives: It’s Time to Separate School and State
by Scott McPherson
For decades, so-called “progressives” and other leftists have claimed that elected local school boards give parents control over education. Everyone knows it’s a lie, …
My Two-Bit Political Awakening
by James Bovard
Samuel Johnson may have been wrong when he declared, “There are few ways in which a man can be more innocently employed than in …
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