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Young People in New Brunswick Are Getting a Serious Brain Disease and Nobody Knows Why

By Anya Zoledziowski Vice

One-fifth of the cases identified by the public health agency have affected people under the age of 40, with symptoms ranging from muscle spasms to dementia.

A mysterious and fatal neurological syndrome that currently has no known cause or cure has afflicted at least 48 people, including nine young people, in eastern Canada. The illness has allegedly killed nine patients.

One still-suffering patient, Terriline Porelle, told CBC her issues started in the summer of 2020 when she felt a sharp pain akin to a pinched nerve in her leg. Today, the 33-year-old struggles to make her way through her house, often bumping into walls and doors. She suffers from brain fog so bad that at one point she couldn’t remember how to draw the letter “Q.”


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