Breaking Points: 1/4/22 Full UNCUT Show

Krystal and Saagar talk about the potential bipartisan effort to fight meatpacking consolidation, updates on Omicron statistics, unemployment for the unvaccinated, new details about Prince Andrew’s ties to Epstein, Dr. Robert Malone’s appearance on Joe Rogan, Elizabeth Holmes trial verdict, how the White House Correspondent’s Association rigs the game, the return of austerity politics, the broken fundamentals of US foreign policy with Richard Hanania, and more! Due to technical difficulties caused by extreme weather in the DC metro area, we had to send the show out late. We apologize for the inconvenience and we are grateful for your support.
Richard Hanania’s Work:
Timestamps: Meatpacking: 0:0018:44 Omicron: 18:4531:27 WaPo: 31:2840:41 Epstein: 40:4246:48 Dr. Malone: 46:491:02:45 Holmes Trial: 1:02:461:07:55 Saagar: 1:07:561:17:31 Krystal: 1:17:321:26:35 Richard Hanania: 1:26:361:44:50

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