History and Historiography

Pacifists during the First World War

By Javier Alcalde

Even in those moments most prone to belicist feelings, as were the years of the Great War, peace activism has been able to carry out their ideals with various initiatives. Within the centenary of the First World War, the special issue ‘Pacifists during World War I’ gives an overview of the main anti-militarist experiences of the era, including the feminist pacifism, the scientific pacifism, the religious pacifism, the workers’ internationalism and the Esperanto movement. This Special Issue includes the following articles: – “Rosa Luxemburg. Anticapitalism to get to the pacifist eutopia” by Sonia Herrera. – “Conscription and Conscience in Great Britain” by David Boulton. – “‘The Whole World is our Homeland’. Anarchist antimilitarism” by Dolors Marin. – “Illusion and Vision. The scientific pacifism of Alfred H. Fried by Bernhard Tuider. – “The Practical Internationalism of Esperanto” by Javier Alcalde.


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