Is It Time To Primary Biden From The Left In 2024?

Progressives were frustrated with President JOE BIDEN even before Sen. JOE MANCHIN (D-W.V.) knifed the Build Back Better act on live television Sunday. Voting rights legislation appears to be going nowhere. Student loan collection is expected to re-start early next year. Some of the Trump administration’s border policies remain in effect. And the $6 trillion social spending and climate action bill Democrats had once envisioned had already been whittled down to less than $2 trillion over a decade, leaving many progressive priorities on the cutting room table. Now, with the sting of this latest BBB setback still fresh, progressive lawmakers and activists are openly venting about the White House — and some are even entertaining the idea of a primary challenge to Biden in 2024, if he stands by his plans to run for re-election. Asked if she thought there’d be such a challenge, former state senator NINA TURNER, a close ally of Sen. BERNIE SANDERS (I-Vt.), told West Wing Playbook: “Without a doubt.” “I think the movement is going to cry out for that,” she said. “We played nice in 2020, we played nice in 2021, and what did we get for it?” Asked if she would consider challenging Biden, Turner declined to comment. This may all sound like a bit of deja vu. Sanders himself openly entertained the idea of primarying BARACK OBAMA in 2012, out of a sense of frustration over Obama’s embrace of austerity politics, and the continuation of the Bush tax cuts. That went nowhere (in fact, it ended up harming Sanders four years later when he did run for president). And any primary challenge of Biden would likely be unsuccessful. Even as Biden’s overall approval ratings have dipped, around 80 percent of Democrats still approve of the job he’s doing. Turner also ran for Congress earlier this year and lost, in part because of her public criticism of Biden in the past.

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