Blame Voters for the Rising Crime Rate

By Daniel Henninger, Wall Street Journal

Just maybe, voters are starting to regret the consequences of electing progressives.

For the stressed-out voters in your political life, an aphorism to print and wrap in ribbon for Christmas giving is “Live and learn.” Though in these crime-sodden times, it might need revision: “Die and learn.”

Some 30 major cities across the U.S. are recording record or near-record homicides this year, as Rafael Mangual of the Manhattan Institute noted in these pages recently.

“Smash and grab” became a daily search term in 2021, which also saw the rise of criminals who leveraged unenforced misdemeanors into industrialized shoplifting.

In cities with strict gun laws, such as New York, stabbings have become common by criminals expert on the charging laws for using a knife or gun.


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