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Why Hasan Piker Has Been Banned From Twitch

By Newsweek

Prominent streamer Hasan Piker has been banned from Twitch, after reportedly violating the platform’s code of conduct.

If you are not familiar with Piker — alternatively known by his username HasanAbi — he is a left-wing commentator and former journalist for both The Young Turks and HuffPost. He mainly hosts “Just Chatting” streams on Twitch, where he discusses a variety of topics, including video games, foreign affairs, political debates and broader cultural issues.

According to Twitch’s own metrics, his channel is the twelfth most viewed on the entire website, having been watched for nearly 6 million cumulative hours. In terms of engagement, that puts him right between the official Rocket League account and the BLAST Premier Counterstrike esports channel. In other words, he is a very popular figure with a large following.

As such, it is quite surprising to learn that he has been banned from the platform, given that he is one of its leading creators. However, if you try to get on his page now, you will discover that it is completely inaccessible and that all of his archived streams can no longer be viewed.

According to Piker, he has been removed from Twitch for “anti-white racism.” Specifically, he has attributed the ban to his repeated use of the word “cracker” in a recent stream.


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