AnarchoLeft: Useless and brainwashed by the culture war?

A reader writes:

I thought this was a perfect example of how the Hyphenated tribal religious identity always comes first in practice with libertarians and anarchists.

One of the subjects of Breadtube Serves Imperialism, Vaush, released a video where he goes on about supporting a CIA coup to install a Western friendly leader in Russia, because muhUkraine.
Here is Jackson Hinkle taking him apart.

This guy calls himself a libertarian socialist, but he’s so patently pushing the Democrat Russiagate Cold War psychosis. Even if he actually thought Russia was evil and was going to invade Ukraine why would he support the fucking CIA installing an American puppet?! This is completely selling out his claims to be a libertarian, and probably a socialist for that matter, because his friends and audience are MSNBC NPCs.

He’s either cynically pandering or deluded by his need to socially signal and fit in with shitlibs, in any case he has no principles and all of the ‘ancoms’ still sending him superchats are obviously just libtards who want a more boutique, consumerist identity than actually admitting to being the cult-left of Democrats, which is all they really are.

There is a guy named Eric Dondero who claimed to be a libertarian but always posts on Mises, Reason, etc supporting the Iraq War, Israeli death squads and the War on Terror. To the credit of libertarians, most of them either called him a fucking retard and belittled him or bothered to actually argue with his NeoCon shill logic. I still see him around, but to the libertarians who know who he is he’s a meme and a joke (“Donderoooooo!” Is the way to respond to anything he posts, Kinsella started that).

I don’t see many of these AnComs and primitivists on the internet going after MSNBC war party and these internet Russophobe shills. Nicky Reid obviously does, but when I encounter these people even if they disapprove of the liberal war mongering they prefer to spend all their time arguing over obscurantist points of Alphabet homos and whether coal needs to be banned after the Revolution because of my global warming. When it comes to critics of imperialist liberalism on the left it seems to me that it’s mainly communists and third worlders who go after them. It seems to me that the anarchist left (which used to actually DO THINGS IN THE REAL WORLD) have become nothing but a weird cult that refuses to engage the culture or attack the Progressive left, they only care about their imaginary revolution and cultural left SJW shit.

While the libertarian right are sometimes Trumptards at least their engaged with the real world. The libertarian left have basically become the world’s most obscure religious sectarian and/or useful idiots for the Democratic establishment. I see libertarians critique Republicans and American foreign policy every fucking day, and when I check up on the libertarian left its almost always “are unisex bathrooms fascist” and shit.

Would you agree that the AnarchoLeft is more useless and brainwashed by the culture war stuff than the libertarian right and Beltway typed?

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