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Tom Cotton Blocks ALL US Attorney Nominees Over Hurt Feelings

Cotton is by far the most dangerous federal elected official.  He far exceeds Trump on the “narcissistic sociopath” scale but he is also more highly functioning, shrewder and less impulsive, and more intelligent and educated. The real danger of the Trumpian efforts to stack state governments so they will overturn election results is less that Trump will be successful in pulling off a coup and installing himself as a dictator, and more that these efforts will create the framework for a more serious coup attempt by the right-wing of the ruling class at some point, with some figure like Cotton or Marco Rubio being installed as a head of state that resembles a Latin American caudillo.

The right-wing of the ruling class mostly consists of arms manufacturers, the right-wing of the military and intelligence sectors, “Big Oil,” casino interests (Adelson), agribusiness, construction and heavy industry, the right-wing of the banking establishment, “big religion” (megachurches), the right-wing of Silicon Valley (e.g., Peter Thiel), right-wing Christian businesses like Hobby Lobby,  the local bourgeoisie in red states, AIPAC, and the general Israeli, Saudi, and Gulf State lobbies, along with other foreign interests like Pahlavists (anti-Iranian), Falun Gong (anti-China), Moonies (anti-DPRK), exiles from Vietnam, Cuba, Venezuela, etc. It is these sectors that are the primary right-wing opposition to the dominant neoliberal totalitarian humanist sector of the ruling class, which consists of an alliance of the tech-oligarchs, the traditional northeastern banking establishment, the “deep state,” the “ideas industries,” the mass media, public sector bureaucrats, the professional-managerial class, and NGOs.

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