Anarchist Zines & Pamphlets Published in November

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The following zines and pamphlets were published the broad anarchist space over the past month or so. We encourage folks to read and share these as they see fit.

In working on this month’s post, these words from Rumeor (featured below), resonated with us:

For us the choice to write and to print real paper copies could never be casual decisions, nor would this project be able to exist in the digital realm. The internet is too momentary and seems to relate poorly to the reality of everyday life. By publishing on paper, we want to break away from daily news cycle, bombardment of information and updates and chatter, to find a different time, space, and rhythm on which to connect to each other. Quite apart from the latest instagram post from one’s favorite internet celebrity or would-be politician whose opinion can be summed up in a 20 second snippet, we want to find ways to communicate our ideas, desires, and frustrations with this world with all the complexities and difficulties they entail, and to give the required attention and care to this, never competing with trendy slogans or easy answers. We also want these ideas to end up in strangers’ hands, not decided according to algorithms of google or facebook whether they are meant for you or not. We like chance encounters, hearing via-via that someone got handed a copy of RUMOER or found one in a folder on the street.

Thanks as always to those who take the time to format and circulate zines. <3

If you have something for us to include next time, please get in touch. You can view past round-ups or submit zines for inclusion next month.

Zines Released in November 2021


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