Left and Right

Vive la New Right

By Alexander Riley,  Chronicles

Guillaume Faye: Truths and Tributes
by Pierre Krebs, Robert Steuckers, and Pierre-Émile Blairon
Arktos Media
210 pp., $27.50

La puissance et la foi: Essais de théologie politique
by Alain de Benoist
PG de Roux
336 pp., EUR$39.00

I stumbled upon the writing of Alain de Benoist more than a quarter century ago as a graduate student. I was astounded that someone of this apparent acuity had so completely escaped my attention. Asking my Francophone associates about him, I was quickly brought up to speed.

“You must stop reading him!” one of my professors, a Frenchman, exasperatedly told me. “Why?” came my naïve response. “It’s not that he’s wrong,” my protective friend sighed. “It’s that too many people want him to be wrong desperately enough that they will punish you if they ever find out you are at all interested in him.”

Students of human psychology will know that this is the worst thing to tell someone about an object of interest if the goal is to get him to leave it alone. I have remained an avid reader of Benoist despite my well-intentioned friend’s warning. I discovered Guillaume Faye only much later, and by then I was tenured and thus even more indifferent to the reactions of nervous peers. Faye, too, struck me as someone far too important to be frightened away from by the control freaks of academia.


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