‘Unleash the Police’ Is Back — Post-Libertarian Crusaders Fight the Homeless for MUH LIBRARIES

By Graham Smith

The post-libertarian types are at it again, now calling to “unleash the police” on homeless individuals to save muh parks and libraries. Let’s hope they stop complaining then, about state forces being used against them to mandate masks and jabs on public property.


Post-Libertarian Thought — More Useless Than the State Itself

I googled “useless things” just to get some examples and analogies for this article, as the first thing that came to mind after hearing the most recent iterations of “post-lib” sophistry — this time regarding libraries and homeless people — was: “Wow, these guys are like near beer.” Basically pointless. They kind of want to be freedom-ish, if it helps their image and RTs, but not actually, because hey, they gotta work in the morning.

Not everyone drinks alcohol, though, and some might even say comparing freedom with booze is a poor analogue on several levels. So then, I thought of some other things as useless as utilizing “statecraft” for peace (that’s their beyond-cringe, Harry Potter-esque term, by the way, not mine, so thanks for that, Peter Quiñones). Condoms with holes poked in them? Decaf coffee for a late night pick-me-up? A promise from a politician or cop?

What brand of “useless” exactly are these regurgitated alt-right/statist/nationalist ideas best represented by? The list of possible inanities goes on. But I think maybe this picture of a “watermelon” best captures the essence of the post-libertarian position:


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