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Index of US Mainstream Media Ownership

The Future of Media Project, Index of US Mainstream Media Ownership

Our goal is to provide radical transparency and a better grasp of the U.S. Mainstream Media by listing publishers (owners, majority voting shareholders, and donors of titles) considered major US daily news sources. We have time-stamped this index – May 11, 2021.

To give the index structure, we have chosen to use third-party tracking of monthly views, unless reported at the source. In the case of cable TV, we combined daily prime-time audiences with monthly views. Our ranking of traffic is by no means a perfect science. Our focus was on ownership.

We have, no doubt, missed a few publishers of note and, with dailies, we list the owners of the seven largest newspaper parent companies or standalone dailies with significant paid digital subscribers. We hope this sheds light.

WARNING: There are some outlets on here that many journalists would deem political propaganda. Thus, the importance of radical ownership transparency.


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