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Rittenhouse Defense Lawyer Rips MSNBC, CNN For Missing ‘Basic Facts’: ‘It Makes Me Angry’

By Tim Pearce

Mark Richards, who successfully defended Kyle Rittenhouse against murder charges last week, slammed MSNBC and CNN on Sunday for botching “basic facts” of Rittenhouse’s case.

Richards appeared on NewsNation’s “Banfield” on Sunday with host Ashleigh Banfield to talk about the trial after Rittenhouse was cleared of five felony charges last week. A Wisconsin jury acquitted Rittenhouse after the teen killed two men and wounded a third in self-defense last year during violent riots in Kenosha, Wisconsin.

The defense attorney ripped into the media, specifically pointing to the networks MSNBC and CNN for their biased portrayal of the case and omission of facts.

“I can say this: much of the coverage at the beginning was wrong. The trial proved that,” Richards said. “Just in the last two weeks, you know, you people may not believe this, but I watch MSNBC, CNN. I’m not a big Fox guy. And when I hear Joe Scarborough saying my client shot his gun 60 times, that’s wrong. When I hear some guest host on Joy Reid say my client drove four hours to go to a riot with his AR, that’s wrong. It’s false.”

“It makes me angry that they can’t take the time to at least get the generic, basic facts correct because it didn’t fit in the story they wanted to tell,” he said.


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