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‘I Was Part of Something Unusually Evil’


Stephanie Grisham saw the pickup outside and yelped, “That’s Larry!” She grabbed a small package and raced out her front door, down the steps of the porch, through the gate of the white picket fence, and leaned halfway into the truck via the passenger window. “I wanted you to have this,” she told him, handing it over.

Larry unwrapped the paper to reveal a shimmering whiskey glass embossed in gold with the presidential seal. Grisham told him that it had been engraved with the signature of the 45th president of the United States. “It’s one of the last ones,” she said. Larry’s eyes widened beneath the brim of his TRUMP-embroidered baseball cap. He turned the glass over in his hand. “Wow,” he said. “Thank you.”

Larry — “the meat guy” — is a generous local rancher who always comes bearing gifts. It was Friday afternoon in Plainville, Kansas, and he’d stopped by with an article he thought Grisham might like to read, about the importance of honoring the troops by standing for the national anthem at football games; he’d printed it out for her. Grisham flashed an enthusiastic smile and scanned the paper. “Thank you!” she said.


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