How to prepare for the next Trump administration

By Joel Mathis, The Week

2024 is coming. Democrats should prepare for the worst.

The biggest threat to American democracy is not that Donald Trump will steal the 2024 presidential election, but that he’ll win it outright.

Approval numbers for President Biden continue to be dismal. An ABC News/Washington Post poll released over the weekend shows that just 41 percent of Americans think he’s doing a good job, 55 percent don’t like how he’s handling the economy, and nearly two-thirds believe he hasn’t accomplished much during the first year of his presidency. And that disapproval extends to Biden’s party: 51 percent of respondents say they would back a Republican candidate in their congressional district, while 41 percent would vote for a Democrat — the GOP’s biggest lead on the question in 40 years.

It’s not a great moment to be a Democrat.


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