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  1. He complains that the Democrats won’t discuss how their infrastructure bill is good for West Virginians, but will instead say the Republicans are “anti-trans” or “anti-immigrant.”

    Well why not take them at their word? The Democratic party hates West Virginians, and they want to harm West Virginians. All one would have to do is talk to a typical Progressive Democrat for ten minutes and their genocidal hatred for West Virginians comes through loud and clear.

    Democrats hate Americans and want to replace Americans with foreigners, it is their number one political agenda, far more important that Climate Change. The best way to deal with Climate Change would be to stop immigration to all Western countries.

    Would the Democrats ever do that? Of course not, because the agenda of the Democratic party is to make Americans – like West Virginians – a minority and once they are outnumbered to do to them what the Soviets did to the Kulaks, Ukranians, and rural Russians.

    Just read Democrats on Twitter celebrating how working class Americans can’t afford milk anymore. They are positively giddy.

    This is what we mean when we discuss the “Zionist-occupation government.”

    Just look who funds the Democratic party: ALL – 100% – of the top donors are Zionist Jews.


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