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Seattle Election, Ann Davison, Republican Win

By William Meyers, III Publishing

Voters Rejected Some Magical Thinking

The national media has characterized the November 2021 general election in Seattle as part of a swing to the right, to Republicans, that was more obvious in the Virginia elections. Even normally reliable narrators like the New York Times. As has been my case more than once in my life, I saw the reality on the ground, and it differed pretty sharply from what national level summaries implied. I am going to supply some details, particularly about the City Attorney race between Ann Davison and Nicole Kennedy. With a better understanding of what actually happened people might make better decisions in the future. No matter where on the political spectrum a person is, from ultra-right to ultra-left, knowing the facts allows for better decision making, even if that only forms the basis for spinning and lying. There was a lot of spinning and lying in Seattle in the 2021 local elections.

If you live in Seattle, or visit, your interpretation of the current state of the city would still depend on where you live, play, and work; who you listen to; and you prior biases. But most people agree that Seattle has lots of new skyscrapers and lots of people living in tents in parks, on the sidewalk, and under and around the freeways. If you live within walking distance of a homeless encampment you or your neighbors have experienced nuisances and crimes committed by homeless people. Rents and housing prices are high. Because of the presence of Amazon, Microsoft and other tech companies, there are also hundreds of thousands of very prosperous people around. And there has not been a Republican mayor or city council member for decades, so it is hard to blame the Republicans for Seattle’s problems (but Democrats still do). There is even a Trotskyist on the City Council, plotting her future dictatorship, sweet talking Bernie supporters even though she plans to eliminate them if they do not become her minions when the revolution finally comes.


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