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My Apologies, But There’s A ‘Culture War’ Raging

By Peter R. Quiñones

I really need to chill the fuck out. I’ve let things get to me over the past few months and I’ve taken it out on people that are my friends. There’s no reason to be arguing or criticizing the tactics of people I agree with on 90% of things other than the typical “libertarian infighting bullshit.” And, at a time when the government has escalated their totalitarian impulses beyond what any of us could’ve predicted in January of 2020, those of us who recognize what they’ve done should work together. To those who are still living their lives, and living within their heads, as if it’s still January 2020, please wake the fuck up! I say that out of love. We need all hands on deck.

But, I will push back when I am told that libertarians have the answer to the “culture war” that has been openly dominating political and social life for a decade. Libertarians may have the answer but no one is listening. And believing we have a way to make them listen to us about the “culture wars,” when you they won’t listen to us on the economy, wars or desiring more liberty, is screaming at the clouds.

The Left has everything; academia, the press, the State and even “big tech.” If it’s prudent to march with the cultural Left when they were against the wars in the middle east, why is it now not advisable to side with the cultural Right when the political Left is doing shit like this?


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