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The NEW Culture War Is Here And Its BAD For Dems

This analysis is right on the money and represents something I’ve been noticing for a while. The framework of the “culture war” has started to shift where it is no longer a matter of “liberals” vs the “religious right” but “wokesters” vs “normies.” The “Hidden Tribes” study published a few years ago showed that hardcore adherents of the “woke” ideology are only about 5% of the US population, but have influence well beyond their numbers because of their concentration in the “ideas industries” and managerial professions like education, media, advertising, entertainment, mainline religion, law, the arts, human resources, social services, public health, etc. Meanwhile, the general culture has shifted leftward enough that old-style religious conservatives fixated on abortion and gays or “right-wing populists” fixated on immigrants and guns are increasingly marginal perspectives, with real influence only in the Deep South, sparsely populated Western states, and remote rural areas.

Saagar looks at how the culture war is changing in America with battles about political correctness taking center stage over older hot button issues and why this is bad for Dems going forward

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