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Biden’s Inexplicable Victory

I generally couldn’t care less if elections are “stolen” or not because I view elections as the equivalent of casinos: The house is always the ultimate winner irrespective of the players and their individual outcomes. But what is interesting is the way that the two sides increasingly view victory by their opponents as by definition illegitimate. And it does seem that both sides are developing contingency plans for the creation of a one-party state. The Democrats will attempt to create a one-party state similar to Sweden’s Social Democrats during the mid-20th century or Mexico’s Institutional Revolutionary party during most of the 20th century. The methods they will use will be fraudulent voting, court-packing schemes, extending voting rights to more groups (like criminals, juveniles, and non-citizens), and creating more states and electoral districts. The Republicans seem to envision something like a Latin American caudillo or an Americanized version of Erdoganism,  achieved through manipulation of electoral results at the state level, voter suppression, and gerrymandering.

By Patrick Basham, Chronicles

Empirical evidence and historical data leads to an inescapable conclusion about the 2020 election. Here are nine categories of suspicious anomalies in Biden’s victory.

Eleven months after the 2020 American presidential election, the official results remain so incongruous, they merit an empirical exegesis.

The political establishment’s narrative is that Biden won an unexpectedly close race, and the outcome requires no further examination. Yet, Biden’s victory is so statistically suspicious, so riddled with ahistorical outcomes, that a detailed data examination is necessary to reassure Americans the official result was, in fact, the actual result.

Official tallies record 161.3 million votes cast in 2020. Donald Trump got 75 million of those votes, 12.1 million above his 2016 total, and the most votes ever received by an incumbent president. Joe Biden received 81.2 million votes, the most votes for anyone who has sought the presidency.

Biden received 306 Electoral College (EC) votes to Trump’s 232. The individual vote totals behind that victory show an amazingly slim margin of victory for Biden. He won Arizona (11 EC votes), Georgia (16 EC votes), and Wisconsin (10 EC votes) by a combined 43,809 votes, which made the difference between victory and an Electoral College tie.

Now, let’s consider nine categories of suspicious anomalies that led to Biden’s squeaker of a victory.



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