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Power in the Pandemic under Duterte

Introduction from IGD Worldwide:

From the beginning of the pandemic, anarchists were not surprised to see opportunistic power grabs by nation-states around the world. Governments have used the pandemic as an opportunity to deepen social control. The state showed its mortality, as well as highlighted the true misery of capitalism for many; global markets came to a halt and governments scrambled to appear as if they had a plan. At the same time, it is no surprise that many governments saw this as an opportunity to further consolidate power, as the unprecedented virus sparked fear across all of humanity.

Israel and Russia rolled out surveillance technologies and cyber-policing under the guise of contact tracing. Brazil mounted an assault on indigenous communities through spreading the virus to communities with less access to healthcare and passing land-grab laws making it legal for developers to raze the amazon. Thailand found an opportunity to crush the “youth quake” phenomenon– student and popular protests against the junta and monarchy— both through illegalizing assembly and by cracking down on information sharing; they used the pretext of suppressing ‘fake news’ about the coronavirus to silence any voices challenging the status quo. Greece responded to the pandemic by effectively shifting resources away from hospitals, instead increasing police and military budgets, responding to a medical crisis with a new authoritarian experiment. The Greek state also swiftly passed unprecedented anti-labour and anti-assembly laws while people were afraid to leave their homes.

While showing important respect and consideration for the health and safety of society’s most vulnerable, anarchists are forced to constantly find a balanced analysis of state behavior and safety during the pandemic.


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