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20 Weird Customs From Across The World That Will Make You Go WTF

By Isha Jalan Scoop Whoop

In a world with so many countries, religions, tribes and customs, it is impossible for everyone to like everything. While we have come a long way since civilisation began, some communities are stuck with age-old traditions. While some of these may be mystical, others are downright lame. Here are 20 traditions from across the world will make you go WTF:

1. Thaipusam – The festival of piercings

2. Famadihana – Dancing with the dead

A funeral tradition followed by the Malagasy tribe in Madagascar, people literally dance with dead bodies as part of the Famadihana custom. After bringing bodies of ancestors from their burial place, they re-wrap them in fresh cloth and dance around the tomb to live music. The ritual is followed once in seven years, but has been in the decline of late.


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