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Do Democrats really believe Republicans pose an existential threat to democracy?

Both the Democrats and Republicans seem to be working on contingency plans for the creation of a one-party state of their own. The Democrats want a Latin American class system with Western European social norms, and the Republicans want something more like a Latin American caudillo or an Americanized version of something like Erdoganism or Putinism.

By Damon Linker, The Week

Do Democrats really believe Republicans pose an existential threat to democracy?

They say they do, every day — in Congress, in op-eds, on cable news, in fundraising emails. But do their actions in the White House and on Capitol Hill confirm or belie it?

The answer, I think, is the latter. This doesn’t mean that Democrats are intentionally lying to the country about the threat that Donald Trump and his staunchest allies pose to American democracy. But it might mean that many Democrats are lying to themselves about it. If these Democrats really believed what they are saying about this threat, they would be making different decisions about the party’s priorities.

What would Democrats be doing differently if they truly thought that the country’s other major party was working to eliminate free and fair elections? They would be prioritizing election reform. Not necessarily the kind of things contained in the seemingly doomed Freedom to Vote Act, which is a grab bag of reforms that federalize elections and make it easier to vote in various ways. I have no objection to eliminating some barriers to voting, but that doesn’t address the vulnerability Trump exposed in the aftermath of the 2020 election. That vulnerability had to do with how votes are counted, how electoral votes are allocated, and how both are certified within states and in Congress.



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